GREENPLINTH AFRICA LIMITED, a Pan-African Green Solutions Corporation, is a Superlative Africa Green Platform and Sustainable Development Goals Projects’ implementation for the Africa Continent, Green Economy & Green Growth Inventiveness, Green & Clean Energy Technologies, Renewable Energy Systems & Climate Solutions Interventions, Green Sustenance, Healthcare Solutions, Efficient Energy Storage Systems, Strategic Clean Energy Investments, Art-Environment, and a Green Corporate Advisory Company incorporated in Nigeria under the Companies and Allied Matters ACT [RC 1713408].

GREENPLINTH AFRICA LIMITED is a member of the United Nations Global Compact.


The company was established as a Sustainable Green Revolution vehicle to ensure Africa Green Transition – Greening Africa and Africans – Person by Person (Beyond NDCs); and also providing Strategic and Efficient Power Development in Africa, Green Finance and Green Entrepreneurship, Off-Grid Solar Power Business Solutions to MSMES in Africa, Solar Homes Systems to households, Healthcare Solutions, Green Hospitality Business Management, Renewable Energy Hubs and Tactical Green Investments in Africa, Climate Information, Green Academies, Conferences, Training, Capacity Building, Advocacy and Research, Smart Green Cities Development, Energy Security, Food Security, Greenhouse Farming, Climate Smart Agric, Strategic & Sustainable De-carbonization, Green Buildings/Net Zero Carbon Buildings & Cities, Smart Green Real Estates, Smart Green Modular Refineries, Carbon Neutral, Carbon Negative, Carbon Assets Management, Carbon Exchange & Emissions Trading in Africa, Green Investments, Carbon Capture & Storage, Carbon Sink & Climate Solutions, Energy Efficiency & Energy Saving Programs, Zero Waste Management, Biogas & Biofuel Development,  Carbon Footprints Reduction, Energy Recovery & Responsible Energy Consumption/Zero Energy Waste in Electricity Value Chain, Clean, Green & Sustainable Transportations, Energy Aid, Sustainable Energy 4 Life (SE4LIFE) Projects, Clean Technology Electric Solutions, Net Zero Energy, Economical Net Zero Homes, Strategic Net Zero Evolution, Green Funding Platforms, Africa Green Banks, Climate Finance, Solar-Hydro, Green Hydrogen, Blue Hydrogen, Climate-Smart Projects & Facilities, Climate Security, Zero-Emissions Vehicles (ZEV), ZEV Technology Growth in Africa, Soil Carbon, Zero Carbon Communities in Africa – Ultimately, increasing Africa’s Mitigation Ambition towards leading the Global Communities in Emission Reduction Targets beyond the NDCs; and Championing 100% Renewable Efficient Electricity and Power Generation for a Secured, Greener, Sustainable Community and Zero Carbon Future for the Continent of Africa.